Xield Clean Energy Focuses on Hydrogen Production Through Water and Ethanol Electrolysis with Higher Efficiency, Achieving Clean Energy

One of the most relevant applications of nanotechnology is in the production of green hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy source. Nanotechnology has been used in the development of nanocatalysts, enabling the production of hydrogen through electrolysis with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. Additionally, the use of nanomaterials can reduce the sensitivity of catalysts to contamination, increasing the durability of the production process.

 The application of nanotechnology in clean energy generation and green hydrogen production is a promising trend for a more sustainable future. With continuous advancements in this field, we are moving towards a greener society driven by clean energy sources and more efficient technologies. Nanotechnology plays a vital role in this scenario, enabling the transformation of the energy sector and contributing to the preservation of the environment for future generations.


Nanotechnology Empowers H2 Generation, Increasing Autonomy with Enhanced Safety and Sustainability.

Green Hydrogen

The generation of H2, also known as green hydrogen, Onboard refers to the process of producing clean and sustainable hydrogen onboard vehicles or mobile devices. In this context, the term “Onboard” indicates that hydrogen production occurs directly at the location where it will be used, without the need for prior transportation or storage.

Onboard Green Hydrogen Generation from Ethanol is an Innovative Approach that Combines the Use of Biofuel with Technology to Produce Clean and Sustainable H2 Onsite

A Geração de Hidrogênio Verde Onboard a Partir do Etanol é uma Abordagem Inovadora que Combina a Utilização de Biocombustível com Tecnologia para Produzir H2 Limpo e Sustentável no Local de Uso

Products We Are Producing:

Ethanol Electrochemical Reformer

Fuel cell-operated electric vehicles (EVs) or batteries can be directly fueled with ethanol, as hydrogen will be generated onboard in the vehicle. This technology offers some notable advantages. Firstly, ethanol is a renewable energy source. Moreover, onboard hydrogen generation eliminates the dependence on an extensive hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

Protecting People & the Planet

We believe that technological advancement should go hand in hand with environmental responsibility and human well-being. Through our solutions, we aim to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

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